New Direction for 2020

The one thing Tariffs did for me was increase the price of steel. That made me look for new materials.

We now build from a heavy duty plastic.  

Also my clever steel games did not load well and store well. And the artwork did get scratched.

So when I was looking at new materials

I decided to redesign all of my games.

They are now suitcase games.

Supplies are stored inside and the art work is protected.

Plus they are now stackable games.

Now the storage and the transportation

is much easier.  

And every time you open them it will be like opening a

brand new game. 

My rental customers have been very excited with

the new look. 

The Extremely Best Selling Roller Bowler will be the

only game I still build from steel.

I am just getting started with the new games.

So please keep checking back or

fill out the contact form

and we will be sending out regular updates of new games.

Thank you, Scott

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